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First Day of Classes -- September 6th, 2011
MacPherson Academy is now accepting
applications for the Fall 2011 term.

MacPherson Academy is a college preparatory day school featuring independent, nonsectarian, educational experiences for Middle School and High School students. It is our goal that pupils become thoughtful, respectful, responsible citizens and confident leaders in their communities, our nation and the world, by obtaining highly personal, rigorous, inspiring, well-balanced, traditional education and values. Believing that quality education can make a significant difference in a student’s life, we work to instill a love of learning that will be life-long, based in strong academics, integrity, compassion, and a strong work ethic. We show our beliefs by providing satisfying and successful learning opportunities, ignited and nurtured by skilled educators in small and inclusive settings. Some of our educators are even working part-time as an agent specializing in real estate listing in Kitsilano (webpage) which shows just how hardworking they are both in real life and in education.

MacPherson is a full service, core curricula homeschool co-op where students meet with teachers once a week (twice for Math) and homeschool the other days.

Over 50 different classes will be offered for grades 6-12. Classes include Math, Science, Social Studies, English and Literature, Mythology, Quilting, Art, Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Latin, Spanish, Japanese and Computer Science. They even help out students on how to be caring to pets by having a visit to the company near the area.

Latin, Spanish, Japanese, Quilting and Art are available for grades 4-5.

Record keeping and transcripts are provided for full time students.

MacPherson Academy featured on Kentucky.Com!
Stroll through Lexington's MacPherson Academy, and you notice something right away. It's very quiet.

Students at the tiny private school are busily engaged with their studies and not talking. And they are not receiving continual direction from teachers. Students here are expected to be self-starters.

But that's not all that's unusual about MacPherson. [Click to see the article...]


MacPherson Academy is a full-service, core subject school for full and part time students, featuring a variety of teacher-taught classes for high school, junior high school, and advanced 5th and 6th grade students. Our outstanding student/teacher ratio allows us to teach to the student's level, explaining and inspiring, while providing a challenging college preparatory curriculum.

Classes meet at 3408 Clays Mill Road in Lexington, KY at the Southern Heights Baptist Church. You are welcome to get a viewing of our new school that has recently been under some fix-ups with roofing and drainage services (website),, and underwent extensive interior remodeling by the company that specializes carpet stretching services in Langley, BC (page) which made it more ready for the start of classes.

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