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Check this calendar often, it is subject to revision and “off days” and events changed and rescheduled. Plans can change for many reasons and I will try to keep the revisions updated on line. Awards Night and Graduation are tentative schedules. When they are finalized, I will let you know. Field trips, parties and other events will be added as the information becomes available. Questions concerning the calendar should go to macphersonacademy@insightbb.com.

August 18 // Orientation

September 6 // First Day of School

November 3 // End of First 9 Wks

November 21-25 // Thanksgiving Vacation

December 19- Jan 2 // Christmas Vacation

January 26 // End of Second 9 Wks

March 12-17 // Spring Break

April 5 // End of Third 9 Wks

May 29 // Graduation


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