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E-Book of the Week

MacPherson Academy (with many thanks to Classic Bookshelf) is now featuring electronic books online. Each week a new classic book will be listed on this page for you to read absolutely free!

Instructions: To begin viewing the e-book, click the "Open" button on the box below. Your book should open in a separate window. You are free to change the colors of the pages and the text, as well as jump between chapters if you wish. Once you have selected your chapter, click on the text or select the "Hide Options" button. To begin navigating between pages, click the "Page Up" and "Page Down" buttons at the bottom of your screen. If you wish to change your text colors again, click the "Show Options" button. If you are done reading, just click the "Close Book" button at the bottom. Happy reading!

This week's choice is:

Classic Bookshelf

For this, and many more classics, please see Classic Bookshelf for a great library full of classic literature.

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