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Listed here are a few testimonials made by real people who have shown their support for MacPherson Academy. If you would like to have your own testimonial listed, please contact Judy Mortkowitz at jmortkowitz@yahoo.com using the subject "Testimonial". Thanks for your support!

“As a freshman in a large public high school my daughter had difficulty getting the individualized attention and instruction that she required.  We were fortunate to have someone refer us to MacPherson Institute.  At the Institute, highly qualified and experienced teachers provided my daughter with individualized instruction that emphasized and nurtured independent thinking and learning.  They also provided us with timely feedback, encouragement and high expectations that helped prepare my daughter to pursue a college education. Becky is currently attending Eastern KY University. At MacPherson, teachers know your child and your family and consider you part of their learning community.”
Jeffery C. Drake
School Psychologist
859-497-8760, ext. 220

As homeschooling parents of a sixth grade daughter, we feel very fortunate to have discovered the MacPherson Academy. All of the staff have reached out and challenged my daughter to excel and she has literally sprouted academic "wings". Their warmth and experience combined provided exactly the package we sought, and all three of us agree that had we designed our own Home/School, we couldn't have dreamed any better. MacPherson has been a positive experience in every way, from addressing the "gaps" in Shade's education, to providing a safe and exciting learning environment. What can I say, she loves Algebra now!
Jeff and Merry Hatmaker

Our daughter Jordan was educationally challenged due to chronic headaches. At age 16 she "dropped out" of public school with the intent of implementing plan B. After a couple unsuccessful attempts at other educational institutions we heard about MacPherson Academy and decided to give it a try. Home schooling seemed to be our best option but neither I nor my husband felt adequate to be her teacher. MacPherson offered the perfect answer, teacher guided curriculum with the flexibility of the home environment. Jordan successfully completed her high school education through MacPherson Academy in June 2005, a joyous day we thought might never occur. MacPherson Academy provided the educational vehicle Jordan needed at that particular time in her life. We are thankful to all the staff that taught, encouraged and propelled Jordan to where she is today. Jordan is currently attending West Texas A&M.; University.
Gail & Hal Harned

My grandson has been a student at MacPherson for four years.  Just one example of what they have done for him lies in the area of math.  Mike was a math hater.  He felt he was no good at it and never would master higher math.  Then Barry Stamper took him under his wing.  He is now a truly outstanding math student, and Barry says he is a natural at it.  He was equally lacking in self-confidence in the area of writing, balking at the idea of composing a sentence, much less a whole paper. Now, thanks to Judy and David Mortkowitz, he writes entire research papers with no problem.  I think the secret is the individual attention students receive in our small classes, as well as the true dedication of the teaching staff.  Our teachers want each and every student to achieve their highest potential and will spare no effort in making that happen.  I have been blessed in being able to teach at MacPherson for two years now, and I see even more clearly the effort that is put toward scheduling special classes and procuring the most qualified staff possible.  Our teachers have included college professors, public school teachers, and experts in specific fields.  I feel fortunate to be a part of this group and truly grateful that my grandson will graduate from this fine institution this year.  He is well prepared to enter college.
Diana Carnes

Our son, Jack, Jr. was not a good fit for public school.  He was unchallenged and easily bored.  He got to the place that he hated school.  Then we heard about a new school forming that would allow us to homeschool part-time and yet, he would get the benefit of additional teachers, being in a classroom situation, and having friends and activities such as field trips, Prom and Graduation.

We found that the teachers and staff were excelllent; going above and beyond basic requirements to educate the students.  We liked the class set-up, lots of feedback and the relationship between parents, students and teachers.  I volunteered at the school as head of the parent committee and a parent consultant. The parent committee helped new families integrate into the program and we planned activities such as picnics, Fall Festivals, Valentine Dances, Awards Nights, Proms and Graduations. Even though I don't have a student in the school now, I still am on the parent committee.  I want to make sure the school lasts and is there for my grandchildren when they need it.


Jack Jr. graduated June 7, 2005 after finishing the KY Dept of Education Pre-college Curricula and being in The National Beta Club.  He now attends Maysville Community College and works full-time at Brett construction.  We would like to say to all parents who are struggling and to all students who are struggling, never be afraid to contact the teachers or staff for any questions or help. They are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Caroline and Jack Fryman


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