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Summer Workshops

Download the Summer Workshop Form (MS Word)

June 13, 15, 17, 20, 22, 24, 27, 29 and July 1

Cost, $75 for 9 class hrs, $120 for 18 hrs, $240 for 36

1. Math Basics Getting Ready for Algebra; Mastering Fractions, Decimals, Long Division, and Multiplication. 11 am – 1 pm. 5th grade and up. Instructor: Barry Stamper. $120.

2. Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture 1-3 pm. All ages. Instructor: Erico Moore. $120.

3. Rollercoasters to Ferris Wheels Learn Math and Physics While Building Amusement Park Rides. 1:00-3:00 pm. Middle School and up. Instructor: Jane Ann Mortkowitz. $120.

4. Introduction to Mythology: Learn about the heroes from the Greeks, Romans and Norse. 11-12 am. Elementary age. Instructor: Jane Ann Mortkowitz. $75.

5. ACT / SAT Prep for Math and English Students need to have completed Algebra II. 9 am -1pm. Math Instructor: Barry Stamper. English Instructor: TBA. Math $120. English $120.

6. Classic Film Taken from the American Film Institute Top 100 Films. 1-3 pm. Instructor: Judy Mortkowitz. $120.

7. Young Patriots Explore America through non-revisionist history, music, art and film. Find out how Columbus, Squanto, John Winthrop, George Whitefied, and George Washington had a vision for our nation. Find the source of our Republic. Elementary age. 10-11 am. Instructor: Judy Mortkowitz. $75.

8. Creative Writing Create your own masterpiece while honing grammar and vocabulary. 5th grade and up. 9 – 11 am. Instructor: Diane Carnes. $120.

Download the Summer Workshop Form (MS Word)

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